If you’d like to purchase wine directly from us, please join our mailing list below. We will limit correspondence to a few times per month, sending you offers on new wines and updates from the field. This service may be particularly useful for customers who do not have access to retail shops where our wines are offered. List offers may also feature products that are not available at the retail level. You may view past mailings here.

All products offered are of impeccable provenance. We only sell wines that we have acquired directly from producers – our San Francisco warehouse is the sole storage point between the cellar of origin and the final customer. Moreover, because many of the products we offer are particularly delicate – often without added sulfites – we only use refrigerated international shipping. Once in the United States, wines are held for shipping during cool weather, to ensure that the integrity of each bottle is intact.

Please note: we do not sell to retailers through this list. If you are a retailer interested in our wines, please contact us.