Laureano in action (note the shirt)

In Spain it’s acceptable to show up to a restaurant with a half-consumed Magnum and continue drinking it, free of charge. When will this custom reach California?

Jose, Terreur de la Boule

Jean Luc Chaussart’s forgotten 70-year old Vi Ranci

With Alain Castex in his Banyuls Vineyard

View from the same vineyard

cooking duck breasts in the wood oven.

Julien Altaber of Saint Aubin, coming this Fall

Leftovers from Altaber’s shared workshop with Dominique Derrain

Julien Guillot

A new plot that Julien has recovered from above the ancient Clos. Look at that color!

old cattle road through the forest above Vignes du Maynes

Sebastien Bobinet on his motorbike.

old Chenin vines recently recovered from a patch in the forest. Coming soon.