With Julien Guillot

Percy Selections is a California-based importer of small-production, natural wines from France and Spain. We represent unique and eccentric artisan winemakers who prioritize craft over commerce.

While diverse in many respects, our producers share an interest in natural winemaking. For us – and for them – this means organic viticulture, manual harvesting, and hands-off cellar work, eschewing all additives other than sulfur dioxide. More often than not, our wines are bottled with no additions at all.

In our view, natural wine is an important vehicle for interpreting place and time. That said, it is the social realm of winemakers and drinkers that really animates our work. We believe that humans are at the center of winemaking and that natural wine, at its best, can transform our experience of every day life.

Percy Selections is owned and operated by Josh Eubank, Lara Peso, and Keith Eubank. We self- distribute to restaurants and wine shops in California and New York and collaborate with like-minded distributors in a handful of other states. Many of our wines are also available through our online store.